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5 Benefits to your school from a music education program

By Andrew Robertson · Comments · Permalink

Research into the benefits of music education has many facets

5 Direct benefits to your school

1. Happier students: Columbia University: 

students who study music are more cooperative with teachers and peers, have higher levels of self-confidence and more equipped to express their ideas'

2. Greater enrolments: Parents look for schools that provide a music education offering. Comprehensive inclusive classroom music programmes attract parents looking for a school for their children.

3. Improved motivation and engagement:  Active engagement, disciplined and sustained attention, persistence and risk taking are all benefits of regular high quality music instruction.

4. Less absenteeism: Schools with music programs have an estimated 93.9% attendance rate compared to schools without music education who average 84.9% attendance. 'Critical Links' research

5. Higher grades: Schools with systemic, high quality regular music lessons show improved academic scores across all subject areas in comparison to schools with no music program.