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Join us in 2018

By Andrew Robertson · Comments · Permalink

Become a Jellybeans Music school in 2018

2018 will mark our 10th year of business at Jellybeans Music. We are anticipating a busy year with more and more schools wanting to improve (or begin) their classroom music programme. We can assist with a Term programme whilst up-skilling classroom teachers. The school then has access to Jellybeans Music programme and repertoire for the remainder of the school year. So jump on board early and you'll have access to our incredible music resources for the whole of 2018.

Go to 'Programme Info' to learn more about what we can offer and how we can make a BIG difference at your school.  

Wow - your programme is brilliant and staff absolutely love Ray. Congratulations to you for creating such an effective, quality teaching programme!" - S. Jones Cudgegong Valley PS