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BC Modules

A wide range of built-in modules

Business Catalyst’s range of built-in modules provide you with ways to implement advanced functionality and achieve complex business requirements, without the need for plug-ins or server-side coding.

Integrated site search engine

Help visitors find what they’re looking for faster. Customize a site search engine with a point and click approach. Create as many search engines as you like, simply choose the content you’d like to include, then insert the search module on a page.

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Point and click menu building

Dynamic menus let you keep your menus consistent, with a simple point and click approach. Just add your menu items and insert the module inside a page or template. Every time you add a new item, it’s instantly visible on the website.

Easily create photo galleries

Upload your images, designate your “gallery” folder and insert the module on a page – instant photo gallery, complete with interactive lightbox effects and intuitive navigation.

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Promote and manage event bookings

The bookings module makes collecting bookings for a class, performance, or other event simple.

Each event receives a sign-up form for customers to reserve their spot – payment collection included if the event requires it.

Set capacity limits and automate follow-up emails prior to the actual event date.

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Get social with blogs

Enable your clients to keep their customers up-to-date with an easy to customize blogging module.

Use the built-in comments feature, and quickly integrate social media features such as Facebook and Twitter sharing.

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