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Titahi Bay PS (Wellington)

Our Vision:

Learning For Life He Manu hou ahau, he pi ka rere

Our Mission:

To promote achievement and self-worth and provide challenging opportunities for all our students and staff.

Our Culture:

We celebrate our dual heritage, and today’s multi-cultural school community, respecting and valuing diversity, and have high expectations, inclusiveness and care for ourselves, others and our environment.

Who We Are:

Titahi Bay School is nestled in the heart of Titahi Bay, a short distance to our beach and harbour. We have New Entrants to Year 6 children and we are very proud of our achievements. We are a vibrant, big school which embraces the cultural traditions found within our diverse group of students. We currently have 44.5% Maori, 45.6% Pakeha, 9.1% Pasifika, and 0.8% Other in our school.

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